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On A Mission (LP) (release date) 1/1/2010



1 Bounce Back - <(Click to view lyrics)

2 Bk We Go Hard - <(Click to view lyrics)

3 Never w/ Wangstas

4 Rise II Success

5 Swagger On High - <(Click to view lyrics)

6 That Thang

7 With The Tops Up - <(Click to view lyrics)

8 Where Im From

9 Keep Em Dancin' - <(Click to view lyrics)

10 Swagger Fly - <(Click to view lyrics)

11 Admired By My Foes - <(Click to view lyrics)

12 Coldest Nigga Alive - <(Click to view lyrics)

13 I'm Still Around - <(Click to view lyrics)

14 I'm So Gutter

15 I Don't Give A Fuck - <(Click to view lyrics)




MoneyMansions (LP)  (release date) 9/11/2011



1 Bout My Money

2 Still On My Grind - <(Click to view lyrics)

3 I Be On My Hustle

4 Chetta Right

5 I'm A Star

6 I Do My Thang - <(Click to view lyrics)

7 In My Money Mansions

8 Walk Like A Diva - <(Click to view lyrics)

9 Over Time - <(Click to view lyrics)

10 What It Look Like - <(Click to view lyrics)

11 Pockets Stay SCreaming

12 All About That Doe - <(Click to view lyrics)


Recorded Publishing Materials 


T. Jonson - She's Watching Me 

T. Johnson - Greatful

T.Johnson - Alone 

T.Johnson - Thank you mama 


T.Jones - Spending My Days

T.Jones - Bounce + Pop


Fame - I Like It


Zioness - Days of our lives

Zioness - Jah Love


Tafire - Blows my mind

Tafire -What ever the reason 

Tafire -Take your time

Tafire - Worlds third war


Sicko - Alot of girls

Sicko - We made It

Sicko - Leave us alone

Sicko - Brooklyn Niggas don't play

Sicko - Weh yuh deh pon


Mayhem - Life is a drug

Mayhem - The block is lava


L.Williams - love has got a hold on me

L.Williams - Gonna Make It


S.Dasilva - Sunday

S.Dasilva - Bumper Shorts

S.Dasilva - Tempo

S.Dasilva - Ey Ey


 J. Jones - This One


Tracy - Wheres my keys


 Eartical Hights Riddim

P.Menen - Sittuations


B.Crucial - Mnt.ZionI

I.Cultcha - Crown H.I.M

Judah - Thinking about you

Ragga - Drugs, war + crime


Guiness Stout Riddim

Sicko - More + more

Bad Indian - Girls



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